Fuel Your Fire: Photography & Modelling Networking Event


Fuel Your Fire is an event which is currently hosted on a monthly basis in Cardiff city centre at Fuel Rock Club on Womanby Street. The event gives people a chance to socialise and network with other people who share a similar interest in photography and modelling. This reaches out to all of those who are involved, or interested in becoming involved in this form of creative art. For example, we would like to invite not only photographers and models, but also make up artists, body painters, print makers, graphic artists, photo wizards, studio representatives, modelling agency representatives, independent clothing and jewellery designers, body modification artists…the list goes on.

During the event guests have the opportunity to link up with others and take part in live photo-shoots happening throughout the event. There’s no pressure to become more involved that you are comfortable with and we want everyone to have a good time.

All of these events are hosted and organised by volunteers and the £2 entry will go back into making future events better for everyone!

You see more information here including the latest updates and photos on Facebook but if you’re in a hurry then here’s a few highlights from the debut event.


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