Making This Your Event: Having your say

We’ve worked hard to try our best and make this event enjoyable for everyone however we always strive to do better and nobody gets it right every single time. This is why we asked our guests for feedback after they attended the event.

Following the debut event on 29th September 2013 we sent out a short survey and asked our guests what they thought about the event. This is what we found:

  • For this survey we achieved an engagement score of 50% so thank you very much to all of you who completed the survey and took the time to give us your opinions.
  • The survey shows that everyone who came along enjoyed the event and that one third of the guest thought it was awesome.
  • Most people who attended the event thought that the venue was good, just under half of the guests thought the venue was awesome.
  • More than half of you thought that it was nice to be welcomed by a host as you arrived at the event however we received feedback which indicated that we need to focus on this and ensure that there is an adequate number of hosts throughout the event so that guests receive assistance if needed and help everyone mingle with other guests. As such, we’ve added numbers to the team for the next event.
  • We received inconclusive responses regarding the timing of the event. It seems that there isn’t an ideal weekend for this event that suits everybody but most people thought that the start time of 3pm was most suitable. As much as we do not want to compete with other events of similar nature, there are likely to be times when this could happen although we will do our upmost to ensure that this is minimal.
  • The event was split into two separate areas, one for photo-shoot opportunities and one for socialising. Some of you gave us some really useful comments which showed us that we need to improve on the layout/structure of these areas to make it clearer where one area stops and the other begins. We have taken this on board and have made some changes for the next event. There was a small number of people who didn’t feel that this was necessary however the majority of you indicated that they thought this was a good idea overall.
  • Over half of the guests at the event would like to see more suppliers at future events i.e clothing/fashion/jewellery designers, artists print-makers and make up artists etc. We received some excellent comments about this which has shown us that there is much room for improvement. This is something we will work on for future events and will continue to monitor.
  • Nearly everyone who attended the event said that they would consider coming to future events and over half of those that responded said they were most likely to attend the next event.
  • Over half of you indicated that you made contacts that could prove useful in the future, half of you met people you would like to work with and one third of you arranged shoots through your attendance at this event.
  • We received some feedback regarding the portfolio display at the event which indicated we could have made this work better. We’re currently investigating this and hope to improve on this situation in time for the next event.
  • Three quarters of you thought that the event was reasonably priced and just under half of you thought that the event was excellent value for money.

Overall it appears that the first event went very well and that with a little work on certain areas we will be able to make future events even better for everyone. We have taken note of each and every comment left so everyone’s opinion will be counted however, some of you left us some very encouraging words so we thought we would share some of these with you.


“Just like to say a big thank you to everyone who setup and run this event. It was just the kind of thing I was looking for, so I really hope there are more of these events in future!”

“It was nice to socialise with people who I hadn’t met before, meet new contacts, look at the stalls and generally have a fab time.”

“This was the first opportunity I’ve had to meet with other photographers and models at an event like this, so it was great to meet like-minded people. And the fact there was studio equipment there for everyone to use was fantastic. And only £2 entry fee too – you can’t go wrong!”


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